About me

Chris Laing

Raffle House is his baby. And the head of HR is his baby too. We guess he likes looking after things.

WINAWHIP.COM is the competition website from flippingcars.co.uk. Its your chance to win your dream car.

You have the chance to win a car from any BCA, Manheim or Aston Barclay auction bought by us for you. The great thing about winning an auction car is the depreciation has gone. This means you get the full value of an awesome car. Choose to keep it and drive about looking the bee’s knees or sell it and cash out, after all, the car will have been bought at trade cost and is worth every penny.

Each time we run a competition we will either give away a superb car of our choice or offer you the opportunity to come to auction with me, Chris, to buy a car of your choosing.

Make sure you check back weekly!